August 16, 2019 @ 7:00 pm
Cape Cod Theatre/ Harwich Junior Theatre
105 Division St
West Harwich, MA 02671

August 16 – 30
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings at 7pm
Friday, Saturday and Sundays at 4pm.
$25 Adults; $15 Youth under 21
The tranquility of a summer’s picnic along the riverbank is shattered by the incorrigible Toad and his friends, the winsome Mole and the stalwart Rat, coughing in his dusty wake but determined to reform him.  Toad’s bumpy path takes him to the Wide World where he is arrested and sent to prison.  Although he manages to escape disguised as a Washerwoman, he falls into the clutches of a ruthless Thief.  While searching for Toad, Mole and Rat become lost in the Wild Wood.  Saved by the stern but forgiving Badger, the three animals rescue Toad from the Thief in the rousing conclusion.  The charm of the story and the love the animals share for their world is underscored by delightful songs.