Moving and Storage

Business Name: Closetbox

We are a full service storage company with a free pickup. We come to your home and pick up your things. Don't worry about moving the couch or hauling that mattress downstairs. Our team of professional movers will do all the heavy lifting for you. Whenever you are ready for something or everything back, we deliver it right to your door. We absorb all of the hassle of getting your stuff into storage. Cause we just like you that much.

Phone: 877-433-9636
Business Address: 241 Willard Street
Leominster, MA

"Always Ready, Willing & Able!"

We strive every day to deliver the most time efficient and cost effective service that our industry has to offer – all with honesty and a smile.
South Shore Demolition & Cleanouts began with two best friends, an idea and a big, big truck. We've made a lot of friends by offering a service that was much needed on Cape Cod. Then, we continued to build relationships and gain clients up and down the south shore. By being honest and hard-working we've had the opportunity to work for people that we admire, and in a short period of time, we've been able to build a reputation that we are proud of.
– Steve and Ryan
House Clean Outs, Rubbish Hauling, Home Demolition, Small Move Jobs, 
    for Assisted Living, Retirement Communities, College Dorms, Apartments, Condos & Seasonal Rentals
Phone: Steve @ 508-237-4855 or Ryan @ 508-840-8334
Business Address: PO Box 557
Dennis, MA